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Hey Ravi,

I'm not a big fan of the latest patch in poker room. Here is why :

- the card textures are actually less readable than the previous "symbolic" ones,

- when an opponent folds, the width of his field diminishes, as "Folded" is less wide than the two cards that disappear. You can do better :)

Have Fun !

Two improvements you might find useful :

- what would be very important is a list of the action during the play (x -check, y-passes, z-raised 20, etc.)

- about the code itself, it's enough to play as a beginner, a lot to say about this, but the most important is that it doesnt know how much to bet (actually it seems the code plays limit when it's obviously no-limit game).

Hope you'll find this constructive !

Have fun :)


Thanks for the feedback, Songe - appreciate it!

We wanted to take some steps away from the basic theme/UI and the upgrade in card designs was one of the initial steps. We can improve the cards further if there's concern for their readability.

I will fix the width of the folded fields by this weekend.

We're trying to improve all the game UI's so please feel free to suggest such improvements - we'll try to prioritize :)

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