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  1. Profile card

    This will show your Hearts profile, which includes your tokens, elo rating, and winning percentage.

  2. Friends

    Your friends will be listed here, in-order of rating/tokens. Stay competitive!

  3. Leaders

    Top 25 players, based on Elo ratings, XP/Level, and Tokens. Registered players will receive a rating after 5 wins against rated opponents (including bots).

  4. Site settings

    Be sure to try-out the different themes and colours on FunNode. In-match, you can also toggle layouts and sounds.

  5. Chat windows

    Toggle between different chat windows. You can also visit the dedicated chat site for FunNode.

  6. Chat

    Make yourself heard, but please be respectful. We have emojis too - see if you can find them ;)

  7. Support FunNode

    While the site is free-to-play, it costs time and money to develop and host. If you like the site, please consider subscribing - Ravi will appreciate your support!

  8. Headline link

    Click this to see the server statistics. In-match, it'll show the match details.

  9. Headline details

    Whether you're waiting for the server to respond, or waiting for players to join your match, this will show your current status. In-match, this will show the last move.

  10. Join match

    View the list of ongoing and recently finished matches. If you know the id of a match that you want to join, enter it here and join immediately.

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    Now what are you waiting for? Create/find a match and start playing!